Wintergatan Marble Machine

I recently came across a video of a Rube Goldberg machine which consists 2000 marbles, and plays music! The builder of the machine made this musical instrument with wood, marbles, coaster, altered cymbal, etc. The chain reactions which create the sound (and the music) is just so fascinating to watch that I had to share! 😀

How Playing An Instrument Benefit Your Brain (TED)

Learning to play music is more than just fun and enrichment! Neuroscientists have found that playing a musical instrument engages practically every area of the brain at once!
Do you want to develop your child’s full potential and give his/her brain a good workout? Sign up for a music lesson!

Orff Ukulele Class for Ages 4-6

We are very excited about our upcoming free Orff Ukulele demo class for kids ages 4-6.  Ms. Maggie Ho, the program head at Orff4Kids, will be teaching the Ukulele 4 Kids sharing session on Monday, March 21, 2016, from 4:15 to 5:15pm.

Class description:  Let kids to enjoy the fun of playing ukulele with no stress. The demo class includes singing a song , doing movement, percussion and ukulele playing through games. Orff – Schelwerk approach will be used.  Kids will be in class with the teacher for the first 45 minutes, and then parents may join us for the last 15 minutes of sharing time.

Ms. Maggie Ho is a professional Orff educator, and has many years of experience teaching music to children using Orff-Schelwerk approach.  She will be traveling to Vancouver for only two days, and she has graciously accepted our invitation to teach a free Orff ukulele demo class.  This class is especially designed for kids ages 4-6, who have no experience in playing the ukulele.

Register for the free demo class today!  We only have a few more spots left!  Students should bring their own ukulele to the demo class.

Bravo Music is offering 10% off ukulele for our students.  If you don’t have a ukulele yet, you can get one at Bravo Music Orff4Kidsfor less than $60!!