Music Theory

Students who wish to obtain Royal Conservatory of Music certificates for Grade 5 to ARCT are required to complete both the practical exam and the following music theory exams successfully:

  Grade 5 Piano
  •   Basic Rudiments
  Grade 6 Piano
  •   Intermediate Rudiments
  Grade 7 Piano
  •   Advanced Rudiments
  Grade 8 Piano
  •   Advanced Rudiments
  Grade 9 Piano
  •   Advanced Rudiments
  •   Basic Harmony
  •   History 1:  An Overview
  Grade 10 Piano
  •   Advanced Rudiment
  •   Intermediate Harmony
  •   History 1: An Overview  
  •   History 2: Middle Ages to Classical
  ARCT in Piano Performance
  •   Counterpoint
  •   Analysis
  •   Advanced Harmony
  •   History 3: 19th Century to Present













Music Theory LessonsStudents are encouraged to begin theory studies as early as possible as it takes time to learn the different subjects and prepare for examinations.  Since Music Theory is the more analytical and logical side of music, we recommend that students study it in a separate class environment, so that they can have more time to focus on understanding the musical concepts taught and study them in depth.

We offer private, semi-private and group theory lessons on Rudiments, Harmony, History, Counterpoint and Analysis.

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