1. My son is three years old.  Is he ready for private piano lessons?

A: We recommend that you wait until your child is at least four and a half years old to start taking piano lessons.
For success in piano study, a child must demonstrate mental, physical, emotional, and musical readiness.  A child is ready to begin formal piano study when he/she is able to:

  • Read and write (hold a pencil properly)
  • Sing in tune and keep a steady beat
  • Concentrate during lesson for at least 30 minutes
  • Follow the teacher’s instructions without feeling frustrated
  • Commit to a daily practice schedule

A child’s prior experience with music is essential for successful formal piano study.  We recommend group music classes for children ages four(4) and under. Through joyfully participating in music-making activities in group classes, your child will acquire a fundamental understanding of musical concepts and develop a lifelong love of music necessary for future music learning!

2. Where is your studio located?

A:  We are located near No. 2 Road and Blundell Road in Richmond, BC.

3. What are the benefits of working toward a Royal Conservatory of Music certificate as opposed to just playing the piano for fun?

A:  In our experience, when students have a goal to strive for (such as to prepare for a piano exam), they tend to practice more and as a result, improve faster both technically and musically.  As the students see improvement in their technical skills, they will enjoy playing the piano even more.  It is just human nature that we enjoy doing things that we do well!

In addition, some RCM examinations results can be used as a credit toward high school graduation.  Students are advised to discuss the eligibility of their examination results with their school counselor.

In British Columbia:

RCM Exam Level Receive Credit for…
Gr. 6 Piano + Intermediate Rudiments Gr. 10
Gr. 7 Piano + Advanced Rudiments Gr. 11
Gr. 8 piano + Advanced Rudiments Gr. 12


4. My child has been playing the piano for a few years, and would like to find some musical volunteering opportunities.  Do you have any suggestions?

A:  Yes!  Our students are encouraged to share their musical talents with the community.  Some ideas for musical volunteering include:

  •     playing music at senior homes or hospital
  •     playing the piano or sing in a choir at church
  •     providing piano accompaniment for a singer or an instrumentalist
  •     volunteering at music festivals or concerts (ie. handing out program, helping with setup, etc.)
  •     performing at fundraising events

As a piano student at Meggie Hu Music Studio, your child may be eligible to win the BCRMTA Music Community Service Award.  Please ask your teacher for more information.