Ear Training / Sight Reading

Why is Ear Training Important?

Ear training and sight reading for pianoEar Training for a musician is as important as colours for a painter. A person with good ear means that he is able to recognize basic elements of music such as pitches, intervals, chords, melody and rhythms solely by hearing.  Because having good aural skills help one internalize sound (“hear” music without an audible performance) and become a better musician, Ear Training courses are usually required for music students studying in conservatories or universities.

Why is Sight Reading Important?

Sight Reading is one of the most important skills to master for a musician.  A person who is a good sight reader is able to read and perform a piece of music that he has never seen before.  Having good sight reading skills have many benefits such as:

1)      Being able to learn new repertoire more quickly

2)      Being able to try out a variety of new pieces of music without spending a lot of time to learn each in depth

3)      Being able to play in an ensemble where good sight reading skill is essential

RCM Exam Requirements

Ear Training and Sight Reading components account for 20% of the total mark in a Royal Conservatory of Music practical exam.

We cover the topics of both ear training and sight reading in our piano lessons.  However, for students who feel that they need extra help in these areas, we also offer Ear Training and Sight Reading group classes.  Please contact us at 604-837-9088 for more information.