Piano Lessons

Piano LessonsWe offer quality piano lessons in Richmond, BC, to students of all skill levels (from beginners to ARCT). Students may choose to learn to play the piano for fun, or to participate in music festivals/competitions and take RCM examinations.

Lessons are held either once a week or twice a week.  Each lesson ranges from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the skill level of the student.  Laying a solid foundation is essential for successful future learning.  Therefore, we focus on building strong music-reading skills, proper technique, good playing habits and posture, as well as musicality and artistic expression.  To better help our students learn music, we tailor the lessons according to each child’s individual differences and needs.


All new students interested in taking piano lessons at Meggie Hu Music Studio are required to have an interview with the teacher.  The interview will be held at the studio, and the purpose is for the teacher to meet both the student and the parent.  The student will be asked to bring all the books that he/she has been working on, and to play 2-3 pieces so that the teacher could assess the student’s current skill level and make recommendations on future goals.

The parent will also receive information about the tuition fees and studio policies.  If the student is accepted, then a regular lesson time may be scheduled at the interview.

An interview is NOT required for a beginner student who has never taken any piano lessons before.  The parent may simply call the studio at 604-837-9088 and set up a lesson time to start.